Cyclemate EBike Seat Cushion 2.0 Black
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0
EBike Seat Cushion 2.0

EBike Seat Cushion 2.0

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Isabella MacGyver

The seat fits my fixed gear bike seat. It’s not perfect as the max tightness of the cover results in moving a bit. It’s totally worth the price as it makes riding my bike feel better.

Blaise Skiles

confortable !

Tyson Kuhic

Everything ok, super fast delivery

Earl Reinger

thank you

Rusty Waelchi

this came by premium delivery and it emailed me
at every step I thought it was the £500 item, No it was the £10 item this item.what the hell

The consequence of ignoring the gluteus maximus is that the quadriceps are burdened with most of the work, which can lead to overuse injuries.

The hard seat cushion is easy to make the hip feel pain. Cyclemate's unique 3D airbag design is neither too hard nor too soft. The airbag can change shape according to the gravity, and better fit the curve of the hip, so that the hip is no longer painful.

Adopting multiple air convection technology, when the air bag is squeezed, the air flows with each other, producing the "anti-gravity" effect of uniform compression, which can buffer more than 1/3 of the vertical pressure of the body and greatly reduce the load and pressure of the coccyx.

The shallow slot design of Cyclemate cushion, with 6mm bag spacing;

Good air permeability, Reduce heat transfer between legs, hips and seat, effectively achieve ventilation effect,reducing sweat and stuffiness and keeping the butt dry. 

The Cyclemate bike seat cushion has fixed patches on the front and back that ensures cushion fits perfectly into the bike seat without wobbling.

The bottom of the seat cushion is made of grade A silicone with anti-slip particles, which has good adsorption effect for any material surface, making the cycling more stable.

Improved air nozzle design, using stainless steel rotary air nozzle, eliminate the possibility of air leakage.

After 100% fully inflated and subject to repeated machine stress tests, no leakage, rupture or deformation occurred within 200kg.